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‘I become ‘slow’, when I go fast.’ Driving force behind SlowWood, Christien Starkenburg, is often found on her race bike, whipping past the Friesian countryside. When she cycles, her mind becomes clear, her body becomes one with nature and inspiration is at its peak level. Being mindful and open are important aspects of Christien’s slow lifestyle that form the foundation for every SlowWood piece. ‘Slow’ ensures an attentive and pure process that is in line with her high ecological standards.

Christien’s way of life and design method involve an open mind and the ability to access a sense of wonder. Christien’s eyes are always open, looking for beauty in everyday objects. When eyes are open and the mind is slow, beauty is truly found in everything; from a glass vase to a shell on the beach, or from a ribbon on a package to architecture.

SlowWood was launched in 2011 from Christien’s personal need for more wooden pieces that have a simple, natural beauty, are made local and are 100% eco-friendly. SlowWood is now in it’s fifth year and successfully sells in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, England and Japan.