The SlowWood standard mineral color collection.

Also: Choose every RAL or NCS color for frame or top!

Note: Actual colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor color restrictions.

  • Ash Oil Ash Oil
  • Ash white pigmented Oil ash_soap_chalk_laquered
  • Ash natural lacquered Ash Oil
  • Ash Chalk Lacquered Ash Chalk Laquered
  • Oak Oil Oak Oil
  • Oak white pigmented Oil Chalk Laquered
  • Oak natural lacquered Oak Oil
  • Oak Chalk Laquered Chalk Laquered
  • Mica Grey Mica Grey
  • Water Blue Water Blue
  • Lapis Blue Lapis Blue
  • Green Earth Green Earth
  • Yellow Ochre Yellow Ochre
  • Oxide Rust Oxide Rust
  • Oxide Red Oxide Red
  • Umber Umber
  • Earth Black Earth Black